What if “failure” is not an option?

By January 3, 2017 Lifestyle

What if you approached your health like a commitment? A REAL commitment: like marriage. Like your business. Like you have innocent lives depending on your ability to execute a plan.

What if “failure” was not an option?

How would that affect your decisions about foods or exercise? 

If fast food wasn’t even an option, what would you do in a pinch? How would you change your approach to your day? Your week?

How would you make sure you were prepared?

If you had no treats in your house, what would you do after dinner when your sweet tooth kicked in? (Here’s a hint: you’d most likely get over it and move on.)

Think about your answers to those questions. Yeah, right now. I bet you can come up with some answers already.

So, how should you go about setting yourself up for success? You have to create an environment for success. Chances are, if you have treats in the house, you will, sooner or later, eat the treats. If you have proper foods in the house, you will eat those foods. We all know convenience is king these days. So, how would you go about making healthy meals convenient for you and your family — if unhealthy was not an option?

If you do have treats in your house, it is okay to toss them out. Today. Now. Before you give yourself another option. There is no shortage of treats in this world. When the day comes that you make a conscious decision to have a treat because it fits in with your goals (lifestyle and health have to be in balance for optimal happiness, ya know), then you will have no trouble finding the right treat. 

Most likely it will be Grandma’s 90th birthday cake. I recommend you do not turn that down! But the monthly coworkers’ birthday cake? Eh, you can skip that without remorse, I promise. The Friday donuts? Skip them. I know, they are “hot & ready.” But you know what else? You made a commitment. To yourself. To make your health a priority. That means you have to make choices. And I know you can make the right choices because you are an ethical person who delivers on your promises, right?

And you know what? You are probably gonna feel pretty proud of yourself when you choose to keep your commitment. And the more you choose to keep your commitment, the easier it gets.

Then, that day of Grandma’s 90th birthday party, when you choose to have a piece of the cake, you won’t feel any guilt whatsoever because you know that piece of cake is also part of your commitment to honor Grandma. And that tastes pretty sweet, too.

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