We don’t waste your time, we help you gain it.

Serious Results coaches do things a little differently than other trainers.

We are experienced at transforming ourselves and others. We know what it feels like to experience Serious Results’ unique methods.

Serious Results’ methods apply universally to everyone, yet uniquely adapt to varying physiologies. Humans operate like other humans. Our basic physiology is the same, person to person. Yet we all have differences that impact what we should eat, how we should move and, ultimately, our physical state.

At Serious Results, we take your current physical state into account. We measure your body, your heart rate, and your metabolism before we build your program. We don’t like guessing and we bet you don’t like wasting time and money on guessing, either.

Your program will not be like the next guy’s. There may be similarities, but it is uniquely yours.

We are your coach all day – not just the hour we spend in the gym together. Being a part of our tribe means we are available even outside of the gym setting. Ask us questions. Tell us your struggles. Reach out for support. Let’s find solutions in real time; proactively.