As of March 10, 2021, we are authorized by the State of Texas to operate up to 100% capacity. For Serious Results, 100% capacity means 76 bodies – which is really over-crowded! When we are full, that really means that about 25 people are on the floor.

Wearing a mask is OPTIONAL at Serious Results. This decision was based on the declining COVID infection rate in Denton County, the low test positivity rate, the number of clients and coaches who have chosen to be vaccinated, and a survey of our members.

We continue to encourage adequate distancing from others and to keep your hands clean.

We have touch-free hand sanitizing stations at both doors. We have disinfectant spray and plenty of towels throughout the gym. We have disinfecting gym wipes when we can get them-sometimes they are scarce.

Everyone is encouraged to wash hands when they enter and before they leave. Coaches are encouraged to wash hands between clients.

Coaches and clients are encouraged to spray & wipe equipment before and after each use, although surface transmission is not a major contributor to the spread of the novel coronavirus.

To improve air circulation, we have true-HEPA air purifiers that are running while the gym is occupied and we will leave doors open as long as weather cooperates.

If you choose to wear a mask while working out, look for one that will hold its shape well and isn’t too flimsy. Some brands that I hear are great for this are the UnderArmour sports mask and Outdoor Research mask. There is also one that is popular among the SEC coaches.

Clients and coaches are asked (even before COVID) to be aware of their symptoms and avoid coming to the gym when they are feeling less than well. Common COVID symptoms are shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, headaches, runny nose or congestion, fever, tiredness, and the ever-interesting symptom of recent loss of taste &/or smell.

We take the situation seriously and are doing what we can to keep our visitors and ourselves safe! You might only be here an hour, but we are here all day. We are grateful for your cooperation!