Last update: 1/9/2022

With COVID cases and the Omicron variant on the rise all over the world, the CDC recommends wearing a mask when in enclosed indoor spaces when you cannot be socially distanced. This recommendation even applies to those who are vaccinated.

Wearing a mask is OPTIONAL at Serious Results, although strongly recommended, regardless of vaccination status.

In addition, we continue to encourage that everyone practice adequate distancing from others and frequent hand-washing / sanitizing.

We have touch-free hand sanitizing stations at both entrance doors. We have disinfectant spray and plenty of towels throughout the gym. We have disinfecting gym wipes when we can get them – as sometimes they are scarce.

Everyone is encouraged to wash hands when they enter and before they leave. Coaches are encouraged to wash hands between clients.

Coaches and clients are encouraged to spray & wipe equipment before and after each use.

To improve air circulation, we have true-HEPA air purifiers that are running while the gym is occupied and we will leave doors open as long as weather cooperates.

*With the new variant, the KN95 or N95 masks are the most recommended to reduce the likelihood of spreading the Omicron variant. Cloth masks are less effective.

That being said, if you choose to wear a cloth mask while working out, look for one that will hold its shape well, fits snugly against your face, and isn’t too flimsy. Some brands that I hear are great for this are the UnderArmour sports mask and Outdoor Research mask.

Clients and coaches are asked (even before COVID) to be aware of their symptoms and avoid coming to the gym when they are feeling less than well. Common COVID symptoms are shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, headaches, runny nose or congestion, fever, tiredness, and the ever-interesting symptom of recent loss of taste &/or smell.

We take the situation seriously and are doing what we can to keep our visitors and ourselves safe! You might only be here an hour, but we are here all day. We are grateful for your cooperation!