Humane Tomorrow Wins!

By July 27, 2018Blog

In the month of July, we hoped to host a Summer Rumble: a team competition with events that were reminiscent of the good old days of elementary school “Field Day” intermixed with serious lifting and endurance events. The goal of the Rumble is to get everyone together for some fun plus raise some money to give to a worthy charity. Timing did not work out to our advantage, so the event was cancelled, but the donation to a worthy cause was not. The “winning” team selected Humane Tomorrow from a list of specific charities to receive our donation of $500.

Humane Tomorrow is Flower Mound’s animal shelter providing medical care and fostering for animals in need. Our very own Zelda the cat was adopted from Humane Tomorrow about 4 years ago, and I have to say, she is the perfect cat for us: not too aloof, not too needy. When we chose to adopt, we submitted our application¬†online and someone contacted us very quickly. I had a couple of cats I was considering (based on information from their site) and let the counselor know. As our phone conversation went on, she told me that she thought all my choices would be good for us, but she personally hoped I would choose Zelda. Zelda had previously been adopted but then returned to Humane Tomorrow after the original adopter moved out of the house and left this cat in a less-than-desirable situation. She explained that Zelda was a very sweet cat, not at all domineering, and she deserved another chance. Well, how could I say no to that? Here is a pic of our black beauty, with a cameo of Ruby the pug (also a rescue):

They update their website regularly so you can see which dogs and cats are available for adoption with just a click. Zelda even came microchipped. Of course, all their animals are spayed and neutered to prevent the addition of future generations.

If you want to help out the animals, but aren’t looking to adopt, you can foster or just donate money or supplies. Any way you choose to help will be greatly appreciated!


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