Metabolic testing now available at Serious Results

By May 4, 2018Blog

We pride ourselves on using evidence-based methods of coaching our athletes to achieve their goals. As part of our mission to reduce the amount of guesswork that people have to deal with when trying to lose weight or build muscle, we have invested in a metabolic cart. What the heck is that, you ask?

The metabolic cart lets us conduct two different kinds of tests: a resting metabolic rate, aka “RMR” test, or a VO2max test. The RMR test is great for anyone. You get to sit down and relax during the whole test! You breathe into a tube using only your mouth – don’t worry, a nose clip will make sure you don’t breathe through your nose at all. Your breath goes into a machine that analyzes the amount of carbon dioxide and oxygen. Using that information, the machine can tell us how many calories you burn while at rest. This is really important information for someone who has to meet a caloric goal!

The other test, a VO2max, is great for anyone who wishes to improve their performance. This test is a lot like the RMR test, in terms of you breathing into a tube, but it is done while exercising. You are pushed toward your limits (but you are always in control of ending the test when you want/need to), and your breath will identify your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds. Knowing these thresholds and how they relate to your heart rate helps your coach program more strategically for your individual needs. IMG_0378 (2) - Edit 2.jpg

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