I am a husband & father of 3 and I’ve been a certified trainer since 1997 through The Cooper Institute. I believe that fitness is a whole lifestyle change and I’ve helped people from all walks of life – from athletes to moms and dads, to the elderly – make these changes. Helping clients reach their fitness, weight loss, or wellness goals is what drives me to get out of bed each morning.

Our nation is plagued with high blood pressure, cholesterol issues, obese children, diabetes and and an overall dependency on medications and the medical industry to fix us. What most people don’t realize is that a simple, consistent regimen of exercise and healthy eating (not diets!) over time will prevent and/or cure our health issues.

I work hard to make all of our clients comfortable with manageable, healthy goals and workouts in a positive, committed environment. I work with you to set training goals and healthy changes customized for your lifestyle. I wholeheartedly believe in getting fit, staying fit and making a healthier life for you and your family. I work with you to understand your needs, limitations, and your motivations.

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