I used to be a cubicle-dweller, working accounting/finance for an international restaurant company. I also spent a lot of time in the gym, and decided to become certified as a personal trainer. When I passed the test, I thought, “How could I possibly be a trainer now? I know just enough to hurt someone.” I knew then and there that just being a certified trainer isn’t enough. I returned to college to pursue studies in exercise physiology & nutrition. By this time, I was already accustomed to the Serious Results methodology, so learning the science behind it reinforced the fact that what we do here is different and is greater than a bunch of training traditions that have been passed down like old wives’ tales. For prospective tribe members, I believe there is a spectrum of readiness, and being ready for our coaching means having a strong desire to succeed; to be better than you were yesterday. The program is not easy and requires effort that you might not want to put forth, at first. But when you do, the results are inevitable. Strength – Stamina – Confidence.
Certified Personal Trainer – Certified Precision Nutrition Level 2 – Certified Yoga Instructor
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