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I grew up in a fit home and played soccer from a child through my teenage years. Science has always been an intriguing subject to me and I believe that is why I took an interest to the human body. Not only is exercise a science, but it is a way to help build self-esteem. Personally, I struggle with insecurity but through exercise I have found a confidence and my hope is to deliver that confidence to others as well. Different bodies are capable of different things and capable of more than one realizes. Currently I attend Texas Women’s University where I am studying kinesiology to help expand my knowledge of the wonderfully amazing and complex human body. To me, what I find to be so helpful about “the way” of Serious Results is, for one, time management. The work one puts out for an hour is intense and extremely efficient so one does not have to grudgingly hop on a cardio machine after or before weight lifting. Not only that, but the heart rate monitor allows one to track their caloric burn and can thus more readily and easily either maintain weight, lean out, or put on muscle though strategic nutritional guidance.
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