I made the mistakes so you don't have to.

It all started in 5th grade when puberty hit! Prior to that I was a chubby kid and thought nothing of it. Most of the kids in my family, or that I knew were chubby. Puberty made me grow to 6 feet tall and I became “skinny fat.” I wasn’t chubby anymore, but I had no visible muscle and I got picked on a lot. I was the tall kid in fifth grade and by sixth grade I was getting tired of getting beat in schoolyard scraps. I had enough of it and started practicing martial arts like crazy (about two hours a day), but I was still weak. I couldn’t hit hard or get out of a headlock. My mom bought me some cheap weights and I pressed and curled them every day. I was getting stronger and my confidence was climbing, but I still had no visible muscle since my bodyfat was too high. After three years of pumping away with little return, my mom went to GNC and bought a seven-pound can of “Heavy Weight Gainer 900.” I went through the whole can in one week and made more gains than I had the previous three years! It gave me the nutrients I was missing. I was hooked. I ended up working at GNC for about eight years. In that time, I learned how to train myself for real, instead of winging it like I did from ages 12 to 16. I got certified at Cooper Institute in Dallas at the age of 18. At GNC, I met so many people who regularly bought supplements but didn’t know how to really train, so I offered to take them to the gym to teach them. From there, it snowballed, and I found that changing lives was so much more rewarding than selling supplements!

I began bodybuilding at age 18 and have been competing for more than 20 years. I won a bunch of shows and I lost a bunch of shows, but what kept my fire burning was training others! Watching them change mentally and physically gives me the drive to push myself to higher evolution. There is no better feeling to me than finding someone in a low point in life and teaching them how to gain strength, strip the fat, gain confidence and make the outside match the inside. It is like watching your child take her first steps, and then seeing them run.

My driving force to keep training people is simple: I wasted six years of my life trying, with all my heart, to make the power I felt inside be apparent on the outside. It took a tremendous amount of education and experience. But the way I see it, I learned the hard way so that the people who come into my life don’t have to. They won’t need to waste time, get hurt, or starve in order to see and feel change.

I became an expert. I can’t get those six years of trial and error back. But I won’t let anyone who is willing to learn waste their time trying to get it right. We get it right every time.

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