Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what our actual clients have to say.


“If you want to come and learn about how to really change your physique and change your life structure long term, then this is the right place for you.”


“They’re committed to you because they want you to be committed to the plan.”


“Any challenge that does come up, I’m open for it. Whether it be here at the gym or in life.”

I had ten years of going to the gym, bouncing around between trainers and sometimes working hard and other times not at all. I never knew diet or how to fuel my body to keep lasting results until I met Adam.


With his knowledge and patience, Adam made me a "pseudo body builder" to where I was squatting 315 lbs on my "bad knee" and dead lifting 465 lbs with my "bad back" in which he then told me..." You don't have a bad knee or back"!


Little by little, Debra helped me rediscover myself. Cliché I know, but under the pain, weakness, and layers of fat, I had lost myself. All the beauty, talent, and self respect that I once had was locked away. I never felt judged by her. She was always encouraging even through regressions. She helped educate me on balanced nutrition and I never felt deprived. Another very critical thing she help me accept then embrace: it's beautiful to be strong!


Debra crafted a realistic meal plan for me and was understanding about my vices. As I began to follow her guidance I started to see results. And I also started to realize that all of the times I thought I was working out "hard" before I had my HRM, those were all just child's play compared to how hard I was working now that I had a tool to let me know how hard I was really working.