Craft Your Vision & Take Action Workbook


In this workbook you will learn how to build goals that you’ll actually want to achieve.

By the time you’ve completed the workbook, you’ll know your unique combination of superpowers that will be used in your action plan to achieve all your 2022 goals.

This workbook is ideal for you if any of these sound familiar:

  • You are tired of the tug-of-war for time that’s happening between your desires and your obligations.
  • You know what you *should* do, but you struggle to make it happen consistently.
  • You are GREAT at working on your goals for a few days, but then let yourself slack off, and find it hard to restart.
  • You sacrifice self-care in order to take care of everyone and everything else.

BONUS: Buy the workbook and get one free 30-minute Accountability check-in session with Coach Debra to make sure you’re on track!


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