Being ready, willing, and able

By October 13, 2017Blog

Achieving a goal doesn’t really have much to do with the end goal at all. The behaviors you have in place are what determine your success. I often ask prospective clients if they are “ready, willing, and able” to perform the behaviors I outlined on the map toward their goals. Here is what I mean:

To achieve your fitness goal, you must be:

  1. READY:

You should have suitable groceries on hand and prepped to be eaten.

You should have eliminated all unacceptable groceries from your stock.

You should have a plan in place for your activities.

You should have a backup plan in place – because we all know things rarely go as planned.

You should have arrangements for childcare (if necessary).

You have prioritized your day appropriately.

You might have an accountability partner lined up.


You are not being coerced by someone else’s wishes for you.

You know what you want for yourself.

You have an underlying purpose – your reason WHY – that keeps you motivated.

You choose to stick to your planned priorities.

You know the requirements necessary and you feel they are reasonable and achievable.

You will surround yourself with supportive and helpful friends and family.

  1. ABLE:

You have no known medical conditions that prevent you from exercising.

You can integrate activities into your lifestyle while still upholding your adult responsibilities.

You know how to cook or have the means to buy healthy prepped meals.

You have resources to utilize when you approach unfamiliar territory.

You have a solid support system of friends and family.

Knowing that you are ready, willing, and able to make changes to your life will ensure that it gets done. Often, we find ourselves ready and able, but not exactly willing. Or ready and willing, but not able. Read the list and determine where you struggle the most. Reach out to a pro for assistance gaining control in any one of these areas.

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