SR Combine for Charity

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September 7 & 8

Test your strength & agility for bragging rights and to benefit The Miracle League of Frisco.

Your $15 donation gives you an opportunity to earn the coveted SR Combine for Charity medal (one for men and one for women). Each athlete will test their skills in the following events:

  • Bench Press (max reps at given weight, TBA) (men/women)
  • Airdyne test (TBA)
  • Barbell Squat (max reps at given weight, TBA) (men/women)
  • Standing broad jump (distance)
  • 40 yard dash (time)
  • ladder drills (for fun)

The Combine for Charity is open to everyone. Current SR clients can test their skills during their existing workout times or ANYONE can come during specified hours (Saturday, Sept 8, 10am – 2 pm). We will have coaches available to lead you through the events and count your reps!

The Miracle League of Frisco is a sports organization for special needs children aged 5 to 19. Their goal is to provide a positive sports experience for the children through providing baseball, soccer, bowling, football, basketball, track, & golf. Eligible participants are any child with special needs that resides throughout the North Texas area.

Use the Donate button below to register for your spot in the SR Combine for Charity!

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