We don’t waste your time, we help you gain it.

Serious Results coaches do things a little differently than other trainers.

We are experienced at transforming ourselves and others. We know what it feels like to experience Serious Results’ unique methods. In other words, we don’t ask you to do anything we don’t do ourselves.

Serious Results’ methods apply universally to everyone, yet uniquely adapt to your individual physiology. We take your current physical state into account. We measure your body, your heart rate, and your metabolism before we build your program. We eliminate guess-work because no one likes to wasting time and money on guessing.

Your program will not be like the next guy’s. There may be similarities, but your program is uniquely yours.

We are your coach all day – not just the hour you are here in the gym. Being a part of our tribe means we are available even outside of the gym setting. Ask us questions. Tell us your struggles. Reach out for support. Let’s find solutions proactively.

What we offer

  • Weight loss coaching– Fitness and nutrition coaching designed specifically for you to help you reach your goals safely and quickly. No cookie cutter programs here!
  • Strength training – Find out how improving your strength leads to an improved quality of life.
  • Conditioning / Stamina coaching – Whether you want to participate in an endurance event or just want to climb a flight of stairs without feeling out of breath, improvements to your conditioning unquestionably makes everyday life easier to manage.
  • Nutrition coaching – Certified nutritionists guide you to understanding your body’s needs as it relates to your goals.
  • Burner Club, The Official Serious Results Boot Camp – Burner Club is offered in 5-week Burner Blocks, with as many as 5 workouts per week. You choose your attendance level. Get more information here.
  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) testing – Find out how many calories you burn while at rest. This information can be used to determine your caloric needs in a standard day. Learn more about RMR testing…
  • VO2max testing – Take your fitness training to the next level. Find out your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds using state of the art equipment usually found in hospitals and universities. Knowing your thresholds will allow you to safely push your limits and improve performance with individualized training protocols. Learn more about VO2max testing…

To book an RMR or VO2 test, use this link. For coaching, please complete our coaching application.