We don’t waste your time, we help you gain it.

Serious Results coaches do things a little differently.

You know what? We don’t ask you to do anything we don’t do ourselves. We’ve dieted and gotten lean. We’ve put on muscle mass. We’re competitive athletes. We’re recreational athletes, too. We have a life outside of the gym, and you should too.

We meet you where you’re at. Are you fat? Are you skinny? Are you skinny fat? Are you strong or weak? Do you have the heart of a stallion? We measure your body, your heart rate, and your metabolism before we build your program. We eliminate guess-work because no one likes to waste time and money on guessing.

Your program won’t be like the next guy’s. There may be similarities, but your program is yours. We know you’re unique. Just like everyone else *wink*.

We’re your coach all day – not just the hour you’re here in the gym. Being a part of our exclusive family means we’re available even outside of the gym setting. Ask us questions. Tell us your struggles. Reach out for support. Let’s find solutions proactively.