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The Ultimate Secret of Fat Loss

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The Ultimate Secret of Fat Loss

An Interview with Adam, Founder of Serious Results


Interviewer: Adam, I hear you have “the ultimate secret to fat loss.” What is it, and why is it a secret?


Adam: The reason it's so secret is because the technology used to find out the secret is really too expensive for most gyms or training studios to have. But the secret is your metabolic rate or metabolism. 


Interviewer: Sure, everyone's heard: “We have a fast or a slow metabolism.” 


Adam: But you have to be more specific. Every person has a specific number of calories their metabolism takes to maintain their weight. And if you don't know that number, it's like searching for a needle in a haystack, trying to make sure that you lose fat in a manner that keeps you motivated and you feel good about or that you don't lose it so fast you feel exhausted and burnt out and give up. 


Interviewer: How do you help with that?


Adam: We happen to have [the technology] because we know how precious it is. And we purchased the [metabolic testing] machine so that we can deliver better results to our clients without having to send them to hospitals or other facilities that have this high end technology. 


But, you know, here's the thing, I know both sides of it all. I know what it's like to compete and be extreme dieting where it's not only low calories and low carbs, but intense workouts. And really, that's never going to last, that's a short term goal. 


So you need something sustainable and if you know what your metabolism is, your metabolic rate is, and it changes over time, depending on how you're training and you're resting in what you're eating. 


Interviewer: Okay, so let’s say I know my metabolic rate. Then what?


Adam: Once you get it tested, we'll help set up the parameters to meet your goals in terms of how to interpret the information given from the test, and how to apply it to you. And this is something honestly everyone should know like basic math. It's like six plus four equals 10. Everyone knows that. 


But here's the thing, [thermodynamics] isn’t regularly taught and like I said it's so costly for the technology that most gyms can't afford it. Most people don't even know it's out there but you bet your butt like if you were in the army, and they needed to make sure the soldiers' nutrition requirements were met so that they didn't run out of fuel on the battlefield and die because they were hungry, or if you're an NBA player and you're being paid millions of dollars to perform a sport, you bet your butt they're going to test your metabolism and make a nutrition plan that ensures that athlete is eating enough to produce the game to earn their million dollar paycheck. 


But that being said, this is all something every single human should know and we offer it very affordably so that it takes all the mystery and guessing out of losing fat. 


For example, let’s say your metabolism comes in at 2300 calories. And you had three Rosa’s tacos for lunch. And you check them out, you look them up, like, “Holy crap that was 1200 calories.” You have 1100 calories left before you've met your body's requirements to maintain.


So you have two options:

  1. Be wise with your food choices the rest of the day. Or,

  2. Make sure you hit a workout to offset some of those calories that you may have gone over. 


But once you know that metabolic rate, we say RMR for short, we can balance it up against what you burn. So, for example, if someone's metabolism was 2500 calories, but they burn 500 in the gym, that's a net intake of 2000. So they're 500 below what they need for the day. They shouldn't feel hungry. They should feel good on their energy and feel good on their strength. 


Even though doing that over time doesn't seem very big, it will result in a continual fat loss situation. 


We need to learn that food has numerical values, the calories in it. And I understand food is fun. It's delicious, but it's not for recreation. We shouldn't be eating food just for the fun of it. Because it's fun. There's way more things in life to do and hobbies. But it doesn't mean you can't deprive yourself. 


You just have to understand the values and fit that into the budget that you have. 


Plus once you know your metabolism, there's training methods that you can employ to increase it so you can make it more comfortable to lose weight. Or if you want to gain muscle you know how much more you need to eat. 


The whole point here is that knowing your metabolic rate (RMR) is the absolute key to successfully continually losing weight to your goal and it’s the key to maintaining your weight because once you hit your goal, or the body fat percentage you want. 


We need to know what your metabolism is and how much to eat versus what you burn in order to maintain it. 


Interviewer: It seems like that opens up some flexibility; some freedom, yes?


Adam: Well, yeah, once you know that this becomes an extremely fun, exciting process because you're seeing the change instead of just waiting and hoping something works. 


Interviewer: No more feeling frustrated at not knowing if what I’m doing is in the right direction?


Adam: Yeah. After two or three months of feeling frustrated and failing, come see us, get your metabolism tested and start moving forward towards how you truly feel. Stop feeling like you're trapped in this fat body. That's not who you are. You can unlock that real potential and be the person who you are on the outside that isn't who you are on the inside. Make the team match. We look forward to seeing you get your metabolism tested and helping you hit your fitness goals.


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