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The Art of Personalized Nutrition: Why Your Meal Plan Shouldn't Be Paint by Numbers

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The Art of Personalized Nutrition: Why Your Meal Plan Shouldn't Be Paint by Numbers

Our 6-year-old bragged to her teacher about my incredible painting skills. 

"She told me you painted a beautiful moonrise with pink flowers and a lake and mountains. It sounds amazing!" 

I laughed out loud and replied, "Yes, I did. But it was a paint-by-number!" 😂 

I had asked Santa for a grown-up paint-by-number kit and I immediately got to work on it and finished it over a matter of a few days. 

This beautiful moonrise was the most difficult painting I've ever done! (And yet, it very much appealed to my inner-accountant.) 

Paint-by-number is supposed to be easy, right??  

Having to paint each individual little change in hue or shade with a teensy brush was mentally and visually challenging. At times, my old eyes needed a magnifying glass to see what I was doing! 

It was a lot like trying to follow a cookie-cutter meal plan that has no regard for your goals or your lifestyle. It allows for no personal flair, no "happy little accidents" (as Bob Ross would call them), no flexibility.  

A generic meal plan can work. But it doesn't let you live your life in a realistic way. 

That's why we offer nutrition coaching that has the foundation of macronutrient goals, and allows the flexibility of letting you choose your foods. 

Your lifestyle, your food preferences, your eating schedule.

Of course, when some people are just starting out, they might want a very specific paint-by-number menu so they can get the hang of how the "finished product" (an ideal day) should look. But anyone who tries to live according to that plan for longer than 2 weeks TOPS is going to be seeking a new plan. I've seen that pattern play out for over a decade.

So our goal is to get you painting with a blank canvas and a guideline. Because that's how you'll be able to maintain your success for the long haul! You become the artist of your own meals. You get to put your personal spin on your nutrition, while our personal coaches guide the process to ensure your success.

I've always like to say that calorie counting is more of an art than a science, and in this way you can use the calories and macros as paint and brushes to create the masterpiece canvas (YOU).  

Did you know we can set you up with a plan that's specific to you and your goals even if you aren't ready for a full-fledged personal training commitment? Come in for a resting metabolic rate test and you'll leave with a plan in place.

Show up. Communicate. Trust the process.

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