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Gym Etiquette for Everyone

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Gym Etiquette for Everyone

1. Take 5 GIANT steps back. Don’t do your reps standing right in front of the dumbbell rack. It doesn't matter if you're doing shoulder press, split squat, biceps curls, or goblet squats or anything else. Pick up your weights and take 5 GIANT steps back. I often even stand behind the benches if I'm not using a bench.

2. Avoid the “Ab zone”
Most big chain gyms have a designated area for mats, balls, BOSU balls etc. Don’t bring heavy weights (larger than 15 lbs) into that area. It’s designated for stretching and ab work. By taking up their space you give them no choice but to invade your space (see the next point).

3. Be aware of others.
This is important for your safety, their safety, and just general respect for space. If somebody is in the middle of their set avoid crossing their field of vision. Take the long way around if you have to (you are there to work out anyway, right?). If you can’t take the long way around, wait for them to finish their set before walking in front. This also applies to standing in between someone and their mirror reflection (if they are facing it and watching their form or even taking a selfie). That’s just not cool.

Make sure the space around you is clear of people who might not be paying attention before you lift…especially with shoulder lateral raises. I have seen lots of people almost get clocked with a dumbbell to the chin because neither person was aware of what was going on around them.

4. Clean up after yourself.
If you're strong enough to lift the weights repeatedly, then you're strong enough to put them away. Where you found them. Unless you found them in the wrong place – then put them away in the right place. 

Wipe down benches, handles, cardio machines from your sweat. No one wants to sit in your grease spot. It’s a really good idea to wipe them down BEFORE you use them, too. Who knows if the person before you cleaned up after themselves?

5. Save social media, phone calls, texts, etc. for after the workout.
You are at the gym to work. Use your phone to check your program or take notes, but then put it down and get right back to work. If you need to video your set for your coach, great! Do it, then get right back to work. If you're an influencer, or a budding influencer, and filming in a public gym, then be prepared for people to walk in front of your shot. Be patient, gracious, and polite. The general public really doesn't care how many followers you have and they have every right to be in that gym. They are not required nor should be expected to have to adjust their workout for your video.

In every case, do your best to avoid capturing other gym-goers in your shots. NEVER take photos of others (even in your background) in the bathrooms. Always blur faces if you're going to post media that includes another person who didn't give their explicit consent. 

6. Let others “work in” if they ask, but don’t let yourself be taken advantage of. Sometimes the equipment you need is in use by someone else. If they are resting between sets, ask if you can “work in.” Some people get snotty about it, but let’s not have you get snotty.

If someone asks you to “work in,” let them. But also let them know that you don’t rest long and you will need to go right away when they are done with their set. Keep up your intensity!

7. The person carrying the heavier weights has the right-of-way. It doesn’t matter who is a lady or who is a gentleman. If her weights are heavier than yours, allow her to pass first.
It isn’t cool to make someone lunging 135+ pounds stand there with the weight on their shoulders while you cross the aisle to the water fountain.

8. Numbers on the iron plates should face inward. Never outward.
That’s just the way it is. Every true old school gym rat knows this. You will look like a newbie if your plates face outward. Don’t argue.

The reason is that facing the plates inward allows for a better finger grip to take the plates off the bar (based on original iron plate design).

What rules did I miss?

The great thing about working out at Serious Results Personal Training in Flower Mound, TX is that we're a private studio that automatically eliminates a lot of the people who are known to break these rules. Our coaches assist with some items and guide clients on other rules to ensure proper etiquette is a priority. Our studio is a safe haven for "civilized beasts." 

Show up. Communicate. Trust the process.

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