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Eat For Your Goals [Muscle Gain]

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Today we're covering the topic of Eating to Gain Muscle.


Gaining muscle is just what it sounds like: adding lean mass to your skeleton. The important thing to know here is that this cannot be done while you're in a caloric deficit.


Think about it: if you don't have enough calories to sustain your current self, then how would you be able to add to it?


People who might want to gain muscle include:

  • Someone new to working out
  • Someone who wants a "toned" look
  • Someone who wants to boost their metabolism
  • Someone who sits most of the day
  • Someone who feels weak while performing daily tasks
  • A strength athlete, a bodybuilder or bikini athlete

Gaining muscle doesn't mean "getting bulky." It simply means adding more size to your current muscles.


The good news is it happens gradually over time.

The bad news is it happens gradually over time.


How to eat to Gain Muscle:

  • Track your food intake so that you're eating in a modest surplus! Too much of a surplus and you'll gain more fat in the process. Knowing your resting metabolic rate comes in handy here.
  • Eat enough protein - protein is what your body uses to build that new muscle. Target 1gm per pound of body weight. Supplements help a lot with this.
  • Eat high quality carbs (1-2 fist-shaped portions) at each meal.
  • Enjoy a planned "treat meal" each week, but don't go bonkers if you're concerned about adding too much fat.


  • Hit your training goals consistently. Lift moderately heavy, lift often, do lots of reps. And then do some more. 
  • Maximize good quality sleep every night. Your body needs it! Naps are great too!
  • Measure progress: use calipers or an online body fat percentage estimator. Do the calculations of BF% against your weight to know how much lean mass you're adding.

Gaining muscle can be just as difficult as losing fat, and it feels less rewarding because the visible changes aren't as obvious.


Psychologically it can be hard to see the scale number increase and feel your clothes not fit as well.


Once you've gained the muscle, you can go into a Fat Loss phase and will see the fruits of your labors! 


Show up. Communicate. Trust the process.

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